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Sowing the Seeds of Love

Last September, Michaelann and Eric surprised everyone by getting engaged and then married four days later.  They put together a rock ‘n wedding at their snazzy residence in Petaluma.  Though they literally had only hours to plan their wedding, Michaelann is still pleased they secured the auspicious the date 9-10-11 for their special day.  What can you say: these two really know how to get stuff done.  They’ve applied this same enthusiasm to expanding their family (we can only imagine) and are expecting a baby boy this Fall.

This weekend I took some photos of the couple in their nursery, along with Panzer (their rambunctious pooch), and Killer (the world’s biggest ‘fraidy cat).  We then headed over to the other kind of nursery at Garden Valley Ranch to continue the shoot.  It was roasting when we arrived, so we kept in the shade, enjoying the luscious grounds that are also used as a wedding venue.

Nursery photos

Garden Valley Ranch photographs

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