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Legion of Honor Engagement
Chris + Kendra

Not too long ago I photographed Chris and Kendra’s engagement party in Santa Rosa.  They live in San Francisco but both grew up in Sonoma County, where they are planning their Summer wedding next year.   When brainstorming locations for the engagement session they were enthusiastic about shooting in San Francisco and wanted to include the Golden Gate Bridge.  On the day of the bridge was completely fogged in and we had to rethink the shoot.  Instead of fighting the atmospheric fog I suggested we go with it and head over to the Legion of Honor.

These two are so freak’n cute.  The whole time they were laughing and flirting- so playful together. As the session continued the fog rolled in and things started heating up…

Legion of Honor shoot

I love Kendra’s red shoes and earrings, they just pop.

Coyotes Golden Gate Park

This coyote felt pretty comfortable strolling across Lincoln Park Golf Course while we were out there- not phased by us.

legion of honor

Chris and Kendra: Never ever ever lose your awesome zest for life! The way you guys have adventures together is so inspiring. Whether it’s in your backyard or Marrakech, I love that you’re up for anything and you’re up for doing it together. Promise me that you’ll never stop going on adventures together ok? K. Love you guys!

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